About Us

Arma Software founded in 1987,providing innovative information technology solutions and services (tailored for specific needs of the local goverments)..

Started with COBOL which is the most advanced language in the years established and we work with Java which is accepted again as the most advanced languages.We using PostgreSQL as database.

Work with us,do not lose work force!
Arma Yazılım, which provides corporate solutions to many public institutions and organizations, is a company that has completed the processes well and maintained its corporate identity by progressing in line with these processes. In addition to high-quality production, both in the electronic environment and face to face with the help and support it continues its way with the understanding of perfect service.Arma Software increase your productivity, do not experience loss of workforce.


Our primary mission is to ensure that users, institutions and organizations benefit from the systems we have created at the highest level, to achieve success and to create a happy user profile.

Our Vision

We aim to keep the satisfaction of the institutions and organizations at the highest level by providing reliable, quality service, to see the human resources as the most valuable principle and to become a leader organization in the sector with an approach based on increasing the market value with a respectable corporate identity that is taken as an example by its competitors.