What is EBYS?

Electronic document management system; It is a system that enables all transactions of public institutions and organizations to be performed on computer. This reduces paper waste to zero. As a result of the joint work of Arma EBYS, the General Directorate of State Archives of the Prime Ministry and Turkish Standards Institute TS 13298 Electronic Document Management Standards, although it is a software product prepared by the public institutions and prepared in accordance with the needs of organizations. All services provided are in a specific framework in accordance with this standard. in. Document transfer between institutions without using paper in electronic medium with Arma EBYS It can be made. Arma EBYS, the electronic production of documents, transmission, archiving and documents offers the possibility of signing electronically to become official.

Arma EBYS, which aims to change and regulate the institutional structure, will benefit from public services other than the users. it will provide everyone with a more efficient, more accessible and transparent service.

Why is it so important?
According to today’s conditions, nature is the most valuable thing. With the developing technology, our connection with nature gradually breaks down and the biggest reason is waste of paper. With EBYS, you will find that paper waste and usage are reduced by up to 90%. Because now your documents will be transmitted electronically, not on paper. 2. As the biggest factor in saving manpower. It takes a minimum of 10 minutes for a person to prepare a document on paper and have it signed by their superiors, if necessary, for initialing or asking for information. It is approximately 3 minutes to prepare the document electronically with Arma EBYS and send it to the required places. This is a saving of up to 65% of manpower.

Officially EBYS ?

EBYS first appeared on 16 July 2008 with the Prime Ministry circular.( click to view)
It is recommended that you read this circular in detail.

ARMA EBYS screenshots;

Unit Inquiry Screen;

Standart file plan;

File editing;